n14Wine is a major part of Georgian heritage. Georgia has many endemic varieties of grape - over 500. The warm climate and moist air rising from the Black Sea provides perfect conditions for the cultivation of grape vines.
Visit our winery and taste organic wines made by traditional methods; enjoy the warm hospitability of our home.
Visit us and you will have an unforgettable experience, food and organic wine which is one of the most memorable pleasures for our foreign visitors. You will hear all about  Georgian winemaking history as well as exploring the technical details of wine making.
The main advantage of making wine in kvevris (large pottery amphoras) buried underground in a marani (traditional Georgian wine-cellar) is that the storage temperature is almost constant, winter and summer. Kvevris are not just for storing wine, but are also a part of the oenological process – primary and malo-lactic fermentation, maceration, micro-oxygenation, development of tannins and flavours, natural filtering, are all aided and supported by the kwevri.
White and red wines made in such a way have a special color and are touched with the flavor of almond, walnut and dried apple.
We are happy to serve you and give you the joy of Georgian Organic Wine. We are always happy if you would like to stay with us.

There are 2 rooms in our winery farmhouse, which we can offer you

Duplex room

* Separate beds * Bed linen and towels  * Extra blanket can be provided * Private Bathroom

* One France stile balcony


Mansarda room

* Separate beds * Bed linen and towels * Extra blanket  can be provided * Private bathroom

* Wonderful view from the windows over Kiketi and our new vineyard in Asureti valley


Hall, Pool and Views


Full Bouard Rates

Room with double/twin bed and private bath and toilet: 100 Euro per day

2-3 nights weekend Break (Fri/Sat/Sun/) can be discussed specially

      From November to May we can offer you 8 rooms with private 5 bathrooms.

Please contact us for special offers.