00The Gotsadze family wine tradition dates from the grate grandfather of the current winemaker, Konstantin Gotsadze (1860-1940), who started making wine in his cellars in the village of Tskhratskharo, in the Zestafoni district of Western Georgia. In the early 20th century the family moved to the capital, Tbilisi, and continued making traditional wines. The current cellars are in Kiketi, 1300m above sea level, in the very place where historical tradition says the Georgian Kings had their favourite wines vinified. The grapes from vineyards lower down in the hills were brought up into the cooler climate of the mountains to achieve more delicately controlled fermentation and ageing; bringing a unique distinction to the tastes of these royal wines.
The Gotsadze family wines are made in the ancient traditional method, in kvevri's: large buried earthenware amphorae. They are free from any additives. We are proud of the winemaking traditions of our family and are pleased to offer organic, pure wines descending from the family of the Gotsadzes.