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Visit our winery and taste organic wines made by traditional methods; enjoy the warm hospitability of our home.
Visit us and you will have an unforgettable experience, food and organic wine which is one of the most memorable pleasures for our foreign visitors. You will hear all about  Georgian winemaking history as well as exploring the technical details of wine making.
The main advantage of making wine in kvevris (large pottery amphoras) buried underground in a marani (traditional Georgian wine-cellar) is that the storage temperature is almost constant, winter and summer. Kvevris are not just for storing wine, but are also a part of the oenological process – primary and malo-lactic fermentation, maceration, micro-oxygenation, development of tannins and flavours, natural filtering, are all aided and supported by the kwevri.
White and red wines made in such a way have a special color and are touched with the flavor of almond, walnut and dried apple.
We are happy to serve you and give you the joy of Georgian Organic Wine. We are always happy if you would like to stay with us.

Come as a guest and Leave as a friend!
You will feel it after staying in our farmhouse.

The winery and farmhouse is near Tbilisi, a 30 minute drive from central Tbilisi.
There are many wonderful areas for walking and horse riding, starting literally from the doorstep of our house.
Behind the house the forest stretches for miles and miles; suffused with all the beauty of wild nature; inspiration, peace, our environment guarantees you enjoyment and relaxation.
Up to you if you wish feeding our pets, ducks, hens... or simply sit back and enjoy the peace and beauty of this small paradise.
The family is ready to share the best Georgian family atmosphere and Georgia’s famous dining, toasting and singing experience; you will truly be part of the family.
You have a chance to see the winery built by the head of the family and hear all about the history of winemaking techniques through the ages.
Taste the wines and the food and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Walks from our doorstep
All around this countryside in the forest there is an extensive network of rural footpaths and tracks. We have mapped out a series of walks ranging from a 40 minute stroll to full day walks or horse riding trips to the historical and beautiful places around our farmhouse; to the natural rock fortresses of Birtvisi; to the looming black ruins of the medieval Kerogli fortress overlooking Tbilisi; to the late 12th century Betania monastery (named after Bethany on the Jordan, the site of the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ) nestled in the oak forests, famous for its frescoes of Queen Tamar and Georgian prelates and royals; down to the family vineyards in the old Schwabian settlement of Asureti; further afield to the Algeti National Park with its varied wildlife and raptors and deer; or leisurely excursions foraging for mushrooms and flowers (in season) and more…
We are happy to help you to plan your walk, with our guidance or without; we have an ever growing collection of walking tour descriptions for you to use. We can lend you maps so that you can enjoy the endless walking possibilities independently and at your own pace.

Gotsa Family Wines

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