Welcome to Gotsa Family Wines

Our winery and farmhouse is situated in Kiketi, only 25 kilometers from the center of Tbilisi. The house is located in oak forests in the mountains, at 1300 m above sea level. We are a traditional Georgian family who continue and keep the values of Georgian family history. The heads of family have always been involved in winemaking. Our ladies were famous for their cuisine, preparing rich and varied dishes. The family always kept enough food and wine ready to be able at any moment to serve any unexpected guests. We are pleased to serve our guests with our selection of family wines and tasty Georgian delicacies. The wine is made by the head of the family in the traditional way according to methods handed down through many generations. Upon your request, you will be able to learn how to prepare the Georgian dishes. We are thrilled to have hosted many different nationalities: friends with whom we continue to share our culture and philosophy of life, and share experiences. Visit our winery and taste organic wines made by traditional methods; enjoy the warm hospitability of our home.

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Gotsa Family Wines

E-mail: bgotsa@gmail.com